MERI WEISS . closer to fine


"[Closer to Fine is] written with stunning eloquence. Full of intense emotion, this novel introduces readers to a brilliant new voice in fiction."
— Reading Group Newsletter

"Closer to Fine is not an easy read, but then when the subjects are living and dying, sharing heartache and love, the book shouldn’t be light and airy. Meri Weiss forces you to think about who you are and your perceived successes and your regrets. How do you bounce back from tragedy? Are you a fair weather friend? Are you a giver or a taker? Closer to Fine is a good read, simply because the wonderful characters make this novel one that is worthy of your time."
— A Romance Review, October 2008

"In her debut novel, author Meri Weiss writes her characters and storyline with compassion and humor. She expertly guides the reader through the plot with subtle foreshadowing and believable dialogue."
— Mary Griffin,

"[Closer to Fine] is Ms. Weiss' debut novel. It is one of the most compelling stories I have read. The author encompasses love, betrayal, friendship and family. She is also bold enough to touch upon other sensitive subjects most authors are reluctant to write about. Exceptionally written, this is a book you will have difficulty putting down!"
The Romance Readers Connection, Feature Release of the Month, Rating: 4 1/2

"Meri Weiss has the happy gift of writing in a thoroughly engaging fashion so that the story of these voyagers navigating the shoals of their own lives becomes personal, as if you too were part of their inner circle and the outcomes matter to you."
EDGE Publications

"After the death of her brother—whom she cared for while he was dying of AIDS—Alexandra Justice's life spirals downward before a troupe of flamboyant friends drag her back to life—and new discoveries about old feelings. Weiss has a strong and talented voice that will resonate for readers."
— Jackie Blem, Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver, Colorado [qtd on IndieNext website]

"This story will reach a vast audience of people who have lost loved ones to terminal illnesses. The aftermath is almost too much to bear, and Meri Weiss shows how the love of friends and family can break through the barriers of grief."   * Blue Ribbon Review *
— Rhea Palmer, Romance Junkies

"In her debut novel, Weiss deftly explores complex issues surrounding friendship and familial ties. This story of a woman wedged between layers of guilt and loss trying to make her way back to feeling normal the best way she knows how is a winner. This search for meaning leads her on a path of self-discovery—and to a place that's unexpected yet fulfilling."
Romantic Times, Rating: * * * *

"The opening 20 pages of this debut griefer show New Yorker Alexandra Justice, then 24, bonding with her brother Ashley—34 and dying of AIDS in his Upper West Side apartment—after years of being only in vague touch. The remainder of the novel takes place four years later with flashbacks to Alex's childhood, college years and recovery from her brother's death. She inherited a million dollars from Ashley, a successful documentarian, so when she gets fired from her director's assistant job while caring for him, she has the freedom to grieve in her own way in the aftermath. She meets Tucker, a dilettante painter and billionaire's son; dances 'til dawn and takes road trips with her gay friend Jax and her best friend Jordy; visits her uncle diagnosed with cancer; and ultimately understands how to play the cards she was dealt. Anyone who has endured the pain of a dying loved one will recognize the feelings behind this often melancholy dirge and Alex's slow, painful finding of her way."
Publisher's Weekly

"[T]he balance between sad and humorous moments [is] very well done. That is not always easy to accomplish in this type of setting… Ms. Weiss has a fabulous debut novel on her hands and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next."
Coffee Time Romance

Advance Praise for Meri Weiss and Closer to Fine :

"Characters so beautifully crafted and realistic, you'll spend the rest of your life looking for them on the streets of Manhattan. This brilliant first novel by Meri Weiss is a comic masterpiece which bravely deals with the stark emptiness of tragedy and the ultimate redemption through friendship and the power of trust."
— Simon Van Booy, author of The Secret Lives of People in Love

"Meri Weiss has written a touching and perceptive novel about a young woman's growing understanding of love and loyalty in the complex and tangled web that is family and friendship. In the tradition of fast-paced New York novels such as Bright Lights, Big City, here is a new and refreshing look at a theme as old as humanity itself."
— Kaylie Jones, author of Speak Now

"In this honest and heartfelt debut about the pain of loss and the thrill of love, Meri Weiss takes subject matters as bleak as suicide, illness, and the death of loved ones, and by the end magically restores color to a world drained by grief."
— Robert Westfield, author of award-winning Suspension

"This charming novel is a love song to friendship, a funny, moving, and refreshing story about the shared laughter, misunderstandings, and revelations that occur when you know people for so long that living without them is unimaginable. Anyone who has ever picked up the phone at two in the morning to comfort or seek comfort from a friend will immediately fall in love with these characters, because you are almost certain to know or be one of them."
— Michael Thomas Ford, author of What We Remember

"Written with verve, intelligence and, above all, with heart, Closer to Fine will appeal to any reader in search of a story that re-affirms the precious nature of family and friends."
— Holly Chamberlin, author of The Friends We Keep

"In Closer to Fine, Meri Weiss explores the nature of friendship and family with a gentle, forgiving touch. This is a sweet, funny, sad and wise book, and you'll find yourself missing the characters when you're done reading it."
— Bart Yates, author of The Distance Between Us

"Closer to Fine presents a very modern tale of life, death and love… both heartrending and compelling… "
— Robert Reeves, author of The Eulogist

"[This] novel is an ebullient celebration of a bohemian world where friends become family."
— Anne Fernald, author of Feminism and the Reader